Competitive vintage in Stepney Green

On Saturday I had a lovely day all to myself. I love days like that. Not that I would ever whine about having a fabulously full diary (especially when it’s packed with friends and wine, rather than work) but sometimes spending a day exploring the city by yourself is just what you need to reinvigorate yourself.

Anyway, Saturday involved a hardcore Pilates session and a morning at the East End Thrift Store, which was holding one of its legendary jumble sales. To be honest, I’m not sure which one was more strenuous.

I got myself a £10 bag, which I was free to fill with whatever jumble caught my eye. Thinking I was going to be ahead of the game, I arrived at kick-off. Normally at 11am on a Saturday I’m still in my pyjamas watching the lovely James Martin, but there were a good dozen or so dedicated vintage shoppers ahead of me in this warehouse down a discreet alleyway in Stepney Green.

But it was worth giving up Saturday Kitchen. For £10, I got a whopping three dresses, two scarfs, a clutch bag and a denim jacket. Bargain-tastic.

Of the three dresses, I’ll put two of them through the sewing machine due to my own fussiness.

The colours and the lace detailing on this ridiculously OTT frock remind me of a Wedgwood plate my Mum had in the hallway when I was small(er). That’s a good enough reason to get it. Plus, it’s quite long and floaty and you can pretend to be Kate Bush in Wuthering Heights.

The pattern on this gloriously Grace Kelly-esque button-down summer dress is really beautiful. I’m tempted to change the buttons to something a bit more bold though.

If you fancy going along to the next jumble sale, follow the East End Thrift Store on Facebook and they will invite you to lots of lovely events.

What are your favourite hidden shopping gems?


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