Duvet Days: The Essential Ingredients

I’m ill and feeling really sorry for myself. Yesterday I skyped my mum (who is a nurse and thus should be trusted on all issues) and she is very much of the belief that you shouldn’t force yourself around town, spreading your rank germs on the unsuspecting public. You should stay in bed, have nice hot drinks and watch Come Dine With Me (see, I told you she is always right).

If you’re going to have a Duvet Day, either because you are genuinely poorly or just want to pull a sicky (or are hungover, which I guess is somewhere between the two) you have to do it PROPERLY. No messing around here guys. The economy is crumbling around us! Soon we will be court marshalled for being ill! There will be a Quango set up to verify genuine sickies! We will look back wistfully and tell our grandchildren of a time when we had sick pay, a world before all people had iPhone chips built into their heads which employers could use to track us! (This is sounding like an IMMENSE Nicholas Cage film isn’t it?)

And so, here are my suggestions for committing to a Duvet Day. Paracetamol optional.

Visual Disturbances

Oh Ferris, you cad you! It’s a film about ditching school. And it has an epic soundtrack. And the Ferrari scene is fantastic. Arguably the top viewing choice for your Duvet Day.

Empire Records is a classic 90s movie about a load of improbable adults playing 16-year olds working in a record store. It’s so 90s it shoehorns in eating disorders, over use of prescription medicines and a few Cranberries tracks. And it features a very young Renee Zellweger too. When I was an undergraduate at Manchester, a period of my life that can essentially be summarised as a three-year hangover, this film was as much of a staple as chip naans and 42nd Street.

Increase your fluids

Mmm tea. Glorious tea. If you need to up your fluids, you may as well do it in style.

This mug from Liberty is so beautiful and has a very valuable message on it. You wouldn’t expect anything less from the world’s greatest department store.

£10.50 from Liberty

I love Scrabble. So much so Words With Friends is slowly taking over my life. If I had lots of pennies, it would be nice to spell out words with these mugs in the kitchen. I would spell out “SHABBA”. Or “GRAVY”. Mmm, gravy.

£6.95 from Graham and Green

This teapot/teacup combo is oh-so-very pretty and would look lovely on display in the kitchen. It’s from the pottery company Portmeirion via John Lewis. Portmeirion is also a lovely town in North Wales where the Prisoner was filmed, fact fans! I’m here for all your needs.

£30 from John Lewis

What are your top tips for a duvet day? Are there any films you know will perk you up when you’re poorly?


2 thoughts on “Duvet Days: The Essential Ingredients

  1. My preference is to shut all the curtains and watch war films. There’s something about watching grown men being blown apart, limb from limb, that kind of puts a mild cold into perspective. Saving Private Ryan is great for this. After watching it you are filled with enough spirit to get up and do something with the day (which is usually just enough gusto to get up, change the dvd and make another brew)

  2. Empire Records! I forgot that film even existed! I just remember how confused I was that Liv Tyler planned to lose her virginity in a mismatching bra and pants.

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