Luck of the Irish: Paddy’s Day Joy

St Patrick’s Day is cracking. What a saint! He saved Ireland from the wrath of SNAKES! Dude, even ultimate badass Samuel L. Jackson struggled to rid a mere plane of the buggers.

I’m of vaguely Irish descent (a Faddy you might say) and my dad is called Patrick so I am most definitely entitled to celebrate this holiday with gusto. (NB – I’m also rather partial to the Jewish festival of Purim, and am currently looking for a validation for this)

A great thing to do for Paddy’s Day is bake Guinness Cake. Yes. You read it correctly. Guinness. In. A. Cake. It’s bloody beautiful. Here’s one I made earlier for a dear friend’s wedding.

I always use the gorgeous Nigella’s recipe but instead of sour cream in the cake mix, I just add more double cream. Low-fat cake is not a term I’m familiar. If you’re worried about calories, have a carrot.

But before you move onto the sweet stuff this weekend, a cracking filling lunch is Irish Stew, of which there are a million variations. Mine involves shallots, carrots and leeks as well as some lovely lamb. I used to add a tablespoon of Marmite to add a lush sweetness to it but that was until, one hungover Sunday morning in Asdas, I discovered this bad boy.

OH YEAH. It’s amazing. Also, check out my banging St Paddy’s Day nails, created using Rimmel’s Tangerine Queen, Barry M’s Matt White and Gosh’s Forest Floor.

Anyway, I’ll leave you with my Irish Stew recipe. Happy St Patrick’s Day!

Whatcha need

900g 0f lamb neck

1.2 litres water

225g potatoes, peeled and chunky

225g carrots, peeled and chunky

225g leeks, chunky

225g shallots, peeled

A handful of fresh thyme

A big blob of Marmite/HP sauce

A blob of unsalted butter

Whatcha do

1. Chop the lamb meat into cubes.

2. Put the lamb into a big pan with the water and some salt.

3. Bring it to the boil, skim off the fatty scummy top and then simmer for half an hour.

4. Add the potatoes and simmer for another 30 minutes.

5. Add the rest of the veg, the HP sauce/Marmite and the thyme. Put everything in a big casserole dish and oven cook at 180C for an hour until the meat and vegetables are all tender.

6. Add the butter, stirring well. Serve with some lush soda bread to serve for all the juices. Mmmmm.


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