Welsh Week, Day 1: Bara Brith

One of my favourite places to go on holiday is north Wales. There are so many lovely places to camp, hills to climb up, beaches to play on and pubs to cosy up in. But what I also love is finding tiny little tea rooms in which to have afternoon tea, and Bara Brith is an essential component.

Bara Brith is a classic tea loaf and perfect with a good spread of salty butter on it. Here’s one I made earlier, Blue Peter style. And because there’s more chance of me invading Russia than dieting I love Welsh food  this is the first post of my imaginatively named Welsh Week. I hope you like it!

Bara Brith

You will need…

450g (1lb) of self-raising flour

1 egg, beaten

A few good spoonfuls of orange marmalade

300mls (about half a pint) of black tea

400g of mixed dry fruit 

200g of brown sugar

1 teaspoon of mixed spice

A 900g loaf tin, lined 

1) Soak the fruit in the tea overnight

2) Mix the juicy fruit with the rest of the ingredients. It’s pretty hard work but mix it well, and pop it in the tin in the oven at 170 *c for about an hour and a half, or until a skewer/knife poked in the middle comes out clean. Your tin will be pretty full but don’t worry, it doesn’t rise like a sponge cake.

3) Leave to cool in the tin on a rack then slice and pop the kettle on.

Queenofthenightbus xxx


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