Welsh Week, Day 2: Wyau Ynys Mon, or Anglesey Eggs

About 18 months ago, I went on a great family trip to Anglesey in north Wales to an unbelievably beautiful village called Rhosneigr. Belinda Carlisle was right, heaven IS a place on earth.

Even arriving there on a request stop-only train was an experience. A woman I got chatting to told me Rhosneigr was “a place that changes you.” Seriously, it was like the opening chapter of a great chicklit book you’d read on holiday in which a newly divorced and jaded woman goes to find herself away from the city and possibly ends up marrying a lighthouse keeper (a book I am TOTALLY going to write).

Anyway,  I digress. This is a delish addition to your weekend brunch. Serves four (or two very hungry/hungover people). Some toasty soldiers on the side would make this meal worthy of a Belinda Carlisle sing-a-long.

Wyau Ynys Mon or Anglesey Eggs

You will need…

450g potatoes (peeled)

3 leeks

50g butter

50g flour

1 pint (600ml) milk

75g grated Caerphilly cheese

4 eggs, hardboiled and shells off

Four little ramekins

  1. Boil your tatties until soft. For the last ten minutes of the cooking time, add in your chopped leeks. Drain ’em then mash ’em together with some salt and pepper.
  2. In a pan on a medium heat melt the butter and stir in the flour. After a little minute, stir in the milk and bring it to the boil to thicken. Add more salt and pepper and half of the cheese.
  3. In your little ramekins pop in the potato-leek mix around the outside and put the chopped up egg in the middle. Put the cheese sauce over them and sprinkle over the rest of your cheese.
  4. Pop them under your hothothot grill for a min to make em toasty and lovely. Mmmmm.

Queenofthenightbus xx


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