Welsh Week, Day 4: Minty lamb stew

Sunday roasts are lovely, I’m sure we all agree (I had a roast chicken wrapped in bacon today. Mmmm, swine). But sometimes the soupiness of a stew (and being able to soak up all the juices with a nice crusty loaf) is just what you fancy. Plus it’s so easy for lazy folk. Get up with hangover, put stuff in casserole, go have nap/read papers/start drinking again, have stew, watch classic Sunday afternoon film (today’s choice: The Parent Trap). Bang tidy.

Me and Emily (flat mate, co-parent of Claude and now new cat Puzzle) have started growing herbs in our living room window box so this is a good excuse to use the mint and be all Nigel Slater-esque (“OOO aren’t I fancy, just popping over here for my HOME GROWN herbs”). Everybody likes that game.

Lamb Stew with Minty Sauce

What you’ll need…

Olive oil

800g lamb, diced up (I like lamb neck because it’s cheap and tasty if you’re slow cooking)

A few carrots (or “kerrots” as my dad says)

Two onions

800mls of good lamb stock

Five or so cloves of garlic (you can leave the skin on)

Some veg of your choice (potatoes, obviously, and maybe some turnip? In spring you could add some nice baby greens to the pot just before serving)

Rosemary sprigs

For your minty sauce you’ll also need..

A big-ish bunch of mint

Bit of sugar

About two-three tablespoons of white wine vinegar.

 What you do…
1. Pop the oven on 180* C and in a frying pan with some oil in, brown your lamb all over, adding some salt and pepper too. This should take five mins.
2. Take out the lamb and pop it your casserole pot. In the frying pan goes the onions and carrots until browned (and turnip if you’re using that). Add the tomato purée and cook for a further 2 minutes.
3. Pop all your veg plus your stock, the garlic and rosemary sprigs into the casserole pot with the lamb. The stock should just cover it. Cover with a lid and pop in the oven for 1 and a half to 2 hours til the lamb is tender.
4. For the mint sauce, chop your mint leaves very finely and in a bowl, mix it up with about a tablespoon of sugar. When it’s a bit like a paste, stir in the vinegar.
5. Feel smug and tuck in.
Queenofthenightbus xx



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