Lusting after…a new weekender bag

I’m in the market for a new weekender bag at the mo as my BELOVED Marc By Marc Jacobs (which I bought in New York in 2007 when it was $2 to the £1 – imagine!) is on its way out – the straps are worn beyond repair and the purple patent is flaking *sniff*

This saddens me as we’ve had some good times, me and that bag. And I had to bin my old friends, the New Look gold wedges circa 2003, this year already.

I’m focusing this woe in a productive way by shopping for a spangly new weekender bag that will hopefully clock up even more air miles that its predecessor in the coming years. Here’s my lust list…

Konrad via Asos, £36

Konrad via Asos, £36

Ollie & Nic, £65

Ollie & Nic, £65

Leather store green bag

The Leather Store, £120

Topshop, £38

Topshop, £38

All gorgeous, but I have a soft spot for this beauty. The colour reminds me of lemon bon bons. Now if only I could get the exchange rate of 2007…

Marc by Marc Jacobs travel tote

Marc by Marc Jacobs, $198 (approx £130)


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