Do you want a flake in that, love?

The shops are full of gorgeous ice cream colours at the mo – lots of cute pastels and sweet accessories. It’s almost like it’s spring (seriously world, anytime now).

Asos, £32

Asos, £32

River Island, £60

River Island, £60

Topshop, £28

Topshop, £28

This week I finally spent my Joy birthday vouchers- and what a beauty of a frock I got! I left the Brixton store with a spring in my step (before it started to pour down. Again).

joy dress front

I love the sorbet colours and the buttons at the back are a super cute touch.

joy dress back

I can’t wait for warm weather so I can wear this with my light pink juju jelly shoes

PS – Remember the brilliant Boddington’s ad of yesteryear? When I have one too many vinos I sound a bit like this. What a shame it’s no longer the cream of Manchester – I used to love the city smelling of hops (just me?!)

Queen of the night bus xx


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