The joy of holiday planning

We have finally booked our mini break and are off to Biarritz at the end of May for four days of wine, baguettes and lounging on the beach. We’ve found a great place on Air bnb which looks perfect – and the reviews mention its proximity to a great wine bar and bakery. Sold! It’s just what I need after my exams/dissertation and before the final, hectic months of my midwifery degree.

Photo from

Photograph from

I love planning trips – from finding out about great bars and restaurants to attempting to learn some of the lingo (my GCSE French is a bit rusty). At work the other day, I was talking to a lovely lady at the clinic about her “babymoon” (I was distracting her while I  was taking blood! I’m a sneaky vampire)

Have you heard of this? It’s when you treat yourself to a little holiday before you have a baby, normally in your second trimester before you get a bit too big to fly.

What a brilliant idea. I just wish
more of the women I look after could afford to do this. My baby days are a long (looooong) way off but this is something that is definitely going to happen. Any excuse, eh?

Queen of the Night Bus xx


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