LondonLove: Seaside living in the city

I walked past this awesome house in Hackney last week (it’s really close to top pub the Sebright Arms which you should TOTALLY check out while burger supremos Lucky Chip are in residence). It has such a beachy feel but is basically smack bang in the middle of Bethnal Green.

Blue house hackney


It’s such an unexpected delight. I love the minty blue shade, the wooden cladding, the unusual windows. What isn’t really clear in my Instagrammed pic is these shimmery panels of sequins that hang next to the windows.

Kudos to the architect and home owners for creating such a talking-point house. There is a Miami-style house that is sooooo 80’s near where I grew up in Wigan with a wrap around balcony (like you’re gonna use that much, ha!). I used to think that was the most glamorous house ever when I was small. While it isn’t in keeping with my tastes now (I don’t see myself living on the set of a Duran Duran video sadly) I’ll always remember it.

And who can say that about the anonymous monster estates of identikits houses taking over our island?

Queen of the night bus x


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