A little trip to…Biarritz, France

A lot has been going on in Night Bus towers at the mo, with a ton of work but an awful lot of playing out too. One of the fun things and something I have to tell you all about is our recent little jolly to Biarritz in the south of France. You may remember me saying how I needed sunshine, wine and rest. Well…

biarritz surfers

We got two of the three, which as Meatloaf says, ain’t bad. In fact, the weather was so grim when we arrived that the pilot had to do two attempts at landing the plane! It was kinda terrifying and I’m a pretty sturdy girl when I comes to stuff like that. Anyway, the weather did improve a bit as time went by.

biarritz coast

Biarritz is a great little city (and it is little) for a mini break, and you can fly there regularly from London. Everything is in walking distance, the people are so kind and welcoming (even when your French is appalling) and the food is fantastic.

Here is Al with some of the gorgeous Basque tapas we shared as a starter in Bar Jean, a great little spot in our adopted neighbourhood. The Basque region covers both France and Spain and you basically get the best of both national cuisines.

Bar Jean

And of course, being right on the Atlantic means a ton of amazing seafood. Here is Al again with our platter of oysters we had at La Cabane A Huitres. Wowsa to both food and Basque wine. And the staff here are so cool and friendly – this part of town has a really great, youthful vibe. GO VISIT.

biarritz oysters

As it was rainy, we saw some seafood outside of the plate context at the super fun Musee de la Mer aquarium. Maybe some people would see that as more “school trip” than “romantic break” but hey! We like to learn stuff on holiday! Plus, the jellyfish are hauntingly pretty.


We stayed in an Air BnB studio (“Biarritz in the Basque Country”) which was lovely and bright with everything two people need for a mini break. I got quite attached to my little seat next to the Juliette balcony which was over the most delicious smelling bakery.

Me biarritz

Our last night was pretty spectacular. We climbed a little fence to sit on our own little rocky bit of the coast line and watch the sunset. A great end to a great break, and one I’d totally recommend for a few days outside of London.

Biarritz sunset

All photographs from my Instagram feed @rachaelgormley


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