My kind of Mussel Man

Friday night is set to be fun – there’s a dinner on the cards at cute Hackney cafe/restaurant Brew For Two as the Mussel Men are popping up there

The Mussel Men are a street food company that are taking up residency this weekend. As well as thumb wars being on offer (yes, really) you get 1kg of mussels, skinny chips, a bottle of prosecco and a pud to share for £40 for two people. Not bad eh?


If you’re more in the mood for a night in, why not make your own classic moules mariniere? It’s pretty cheap, way tasty and really quick if you buy them ready cleaned. Above is one I made earlier.

    You’ll be needing…

A big pan, a big glass of white wine, fresh chopped parsley, a blob of butter, a clove of garlic all chopped up, half a finely chopped onion and a kilo of mussels

Pop the butter, onion and garlic in the pan on a medium heat and as soon as they start to cook, add the wine and mussels.

Cook until the mussels have opened. Give them a minute in the pan off the heat before serving into bowls and sprinkling the parsley over. Consume with more wine, crusty bread and the hotty of your choice

and boom dinner for two is done.


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