LondonLove: Keats House, Hampstead Heath

On Friday morning I was heading to one of the loveliest bits of London – Hampstead Heath – for a tour of the hospital there (job interview tomorrow, eek!)

Due to the fear of being late, I ended up there far too early so decided to mooch around and stare at all the beautiful houses like the little match girl, practically smushing my face up to the glass panes. Seriously, I forgot places like this exist! Not that Old Kent Road doesn’t have it’s own joys but, you know…

In my wanderings, I came across this lovely building with a gorgeous tranquil garden. It’s only the bloody house of John Keats! This is what I love about London. Potter around for a while and something like this will just pop up.

keats house

Have you been? It’s very beautiful and there are lots of cool events that happen throughout the year (I’m tempted by the writing course). And it’s only a fiver for a ticket that lasts A YEAR. Or you could just take your lunch and a coffee into the lovely garden and chill for free.



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