Netflix is taking over my life

It’s a growing problem across the nation. There is too much good telly being made and you can totally binge watch an entire series in a weekend. And let’s be honest, this is so much worse when you’re in a relationship and justify being gross and nailing 13 episodes of Dexter together as “a date” even though neither of you have showered.

My latest addiction is Orange is the New Black. Have you seen it? It is sooooooo good.


Basically this girl here, Piper (played by Taylor Schilling) has surrendered to a prison sentence after her involvements with her ex-girlfriend’s drug importing ten years ago catches up with her. Her fella, played by American Pie’s Jason Biggs, is waiting for her on the outside and there are some hilarious bits where outside, affluent New York life is spliced with life inside.

Also, blast from the past, whatsherface from That 70’s Show plays her ex. Who has incredible eyebrows. I mean, really. Them’s some great eyebrows.


It is so worth a watch. What else should I be watching at the mo? Any other good recommendations? Cos, you know, date night is coming,


2 thoughts on “Netflix is taking over my life

  1. I think it’s both a case of better TV being made AND more channels of distribution being available that make it easier for us to access stuff whenever we want to. I’m really getting to the stage where I’m going to have to impose some strict rules on myself when it comes to recording stuff onto DVD “for later viewing”. Unfortunately, I am weak…. I mean, I STILL haven’t seen Broadchurch, or any of The Good Wife, or Nashville, or The Americans, or Being Human, or Breaking Bad (even though I have the first two box sets of that) as well as countless movies that I’ve taken from Film 4. Is there a solution? I’m not sure that there is.

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