This Weekend…

Jagger wedding

What are you all up to this weekend? I’ll be at my beautiful friend Hannah’s wedding – they are easily as cool as the Jaggers (check out their amazing furniture company).  Whatever you do, enjoy it and if you’re at a loose end, here are some bits that have caught my eye this week. And if you pick up The Sun on Sunday, have a peek at my feature in Fabulous – “Would You Hang Out With You?”. Love to know what you think.

* Discovered the gorgeous Ark boutique on a trip to Cambridge recently – great for presents (for yourself)

* Made the Simon Rimmer pulled pork last week and it was DIVINE

* This DIY Ikea hack is inspired (and encouraging me to finish my bar cart)

* There is a cottage in Hackney that is up for rent. A cottage! In our perfect area! In our budget! So sad that we are not moving right now. And this will be gone by February 😦

* Perfect braids

* This Bleeding Heart Martini proves Halloween isn’t just for kids

Queen of the Night Bus x

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