Getting your act together

Today is my “life-min” day. The past week has been super hectic (although really great) and I need to catch up on job applications, uni work and my contribution to putting on an awesome day of speakers for the upcoming International Day of the Midwife.

I am a dedicated list writer. Seriously, I even draw square boxes next to the task so the “ticking” is neater (my mother thinks this is worrying). But I’m pretty dependent on a few technological advances as well as the humble pen and paper in order to juggle commitments.

remember the milk

Remember the Milk is a great task-manager app which I use on my iPad. You can prioritise your to-do list into different categories and you can switch easily between your completed tasks and those you still need to do. Plus it’s free.


Have you used Doodle before? It’s so popular among my friends we regularly use the term “doodledate” to refer to making plans. It’s so simple – you select dates, the rest of your group says what they can do, the Doodle tells you when your meetup is – but it is so clever! Say goodbye to endless irritating email chains.


SurveyMonkey appeals to my obsessive organiser within. When me and the girls are trying to make a decision on where we should go on holiday/what birthday present we should get someone/where we should host our next “meltdown”, I like to pop the options into a SurveyMonkey then send it out by email so everyone can vote anonymously and a decision can be made. Hooray!



Saying this, I would happily settle for this beautiful “Sunny Side Up” Smythson notebook for all my planning needs. How beautiful is that colour? At £65, it’s definitely an investment but imagine how happy you would be every time you whipped it out of your handbag.

Queen of the night bus x

An alternative Valentine’s Day

This year Valentine’s Day has a different meaning for me. Not because I got swept off my feet recently, or got dumped. Things are pretty much the same as ever in that department. And I haven’t become the proprietor of a greeting card shop, nor a florists.

No, this year Valentine’s Day is the first birthday of the first babies that I ever “delivered”. It’s crazy that was a year ago. Sometimes, because the change of career was such a U-turn in terms of lifestyle and salary, it gets hard to remember why I ever made the move. And going back to being a complete beginner at a new job was really hard.

I think at times everyone gets at this stage, of not being able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. It seems that, when I look at my circle of friends, people are always looking for a new apartment, a new relationship, a new job. Aiming for something is one thing, but following it through is exhausting most of the time. There is no instant gratification outside of the E! Entertainment channel.

To continue slogging away for something, occasionally you need to remind yourself of the underlying reasons of why you are beating yourself up for it. This Valentine’s Day, and every Valentine’s Day from now on regardless of boys, will always be in part about my first bubbas and their wonderful, beautiful mothers. I hope that in twenty years time, I’ll be able to celebrate their 21st with a glass of bubbly and remember how bloody lucky I was to be there on their very first birthday of all, the big zero.

So happy Valentine’s Day to you, however you spend it. And happy birthday to my bubbas. I hope you’re now able to eat cake.

Queenofthenightbus xx