This Weekend…

Just a few days until I head to NYC to see my parents, eat too much food and wander around one of my favourite cities – I can’t wait. This weekend for me will be relaxed with some packing but also lots of yummy food with a sushi party at a friend’s house plus a trip to the awesome Street Feast up in my old neighbourhood Dalston. Whatever you do, stay gold.

imageOther cool stuff…

* LOVE this article on the difference between the US and the UK (and I agree – you order wine by the BOTTLE, America)

* Wardrobe organisation by fashion editors. Genius

* Borderline obsessed with the kitchen in Nicole’s house (from Making It Lovely)

* You know how I really want a drinks trolley? Well this amazing do-up makes me want it more.

* Have you signed up for iTunes festival tickets ballot? Fingers crossed for Chic, Lady Gaga and Elton.

* The most gorgeous brogues

* If you’re after a great read, I really can’t recommend Where’d You Go Bernadette? enough.

Image from my Instagram feed @rachaelgormley


DIY: Disco Nails

imageNail art is so fun and cheers me up whenever I’m tapping away at my computer. Wah Nails up in Dalston are the queens of awesome and following them on Instagram is a great feed of colourful inspiration. This is their basketweave nail pattern which – with a steady hand – is easy and fun to DIY at home.

First paint your nails a base colour – I went for Models Own Gold Rush and let it dry properly.

Then using a nail pen – I used Models Own Nail Art Pen in Black – drawn a diagonal line across your nail. Then do one or two below it parrallel, depending on how much room you have. Then do diagonal lines in the other direction below drawing horizontal lines across the top. Here is a terrible Paint image to demonstrate.
nail diy disco nails

I think this would also look good in different colourways – maybe deep blue with white? Or navy with white stripes for a nautical look?

Happy Bank Holiday Weekend

Hooray for a three day weekender. Hope you all have fabulous fun and rest up too. Autumn is just around the corner so soak up the sun!

Here are some bits that caught my eye this week. Ps how great is this Beatles photo?

A fascinating look at the age of denial

Avoid Oxford Street this weekend and hit the Asos sale, it’s really bloody good. And this skirt is perfect for my NYC trip

Talking of NYC, me and Al are touring the Brooklyn Brewery. Yay for beer!

This quiz makes me wonder if I would pass my GCSEs nowadays (for the record I was a massive nerd when I was sixteen and had the added pressure of joining the elite alumni – ie Richard Ashcroft – of this college)

The other famous son of Wigan, ukelele-strumming legend George Formby, is being celebrated in a show at the Hackney Empire August 31

And this weekend if you like cute pooches and charity (and if you don’t, take a long hard look at yourself and your life choices) head to the Paw Pageant at Spitafields. Awwwww factor plus pennies for Battersea.

Paisley nails for a 70s get together

I’m off to Wales this weekend as it’s Al’s parents ruby wedding and to mark this awesome achievement they are having a festival-esque party for the weekend.

It’s going to be so fun, and as there is a vague 70s theme going on, I decided to embrace it with paisley print nails. What do you think?


First I painted the base white colour (Barry M) and then I drew the design with a hot pink Nail Art pen (they are available at Topshop)

My top tip is to draw the big teardrop first then do the inner teardrop and the scalloped edges after. I think it’s a summery look and I’ll def do it again in different colourways

Whatever you’re doing, have a great weekend

Queen of the Night Bus xxx

My kind of Mussel Man

Friday night is set to be fun – there’s a dinner on the cards at cute Hackney cafe/restaurant Brew For Two as the Mussel Men are popping up there

The Mussel Men are a street food company that are taking up residency this weekend. As well as thumb wars being on offer (yes, really) you get 1kg of mussels, skinny chips, a bottle of prosecco and a pud to share for £40 for two people. Not bad eh?


If you’re more in the mood for a night in, why not make your own classic moules mariniere? It’s pretty cheap, way tasty and really quick if you buy them ready cleaned. Above is one I made earlier.

    You’ll be needing…

A big pan, a big glass of white wine, fresh chopped parsley, a blob of butter, a clove of garlic all chopped up, half a finely chopped onion and a kilo of mussels

Pop the butter, onion and garlic in the pan on a medium heat and as soon as they start to cook, add the wine and mussels.

Cook until the mussels have opened. Give them a minute in the pan off the heat before serving into bowls and sprinkling the parsley over. Consume with more wine, crusty bread and the hotty of your choice

and boom dinner for two is done.

Books for little people – and an exciting event

It’s a very special little person’s birthday this weekend – she is three – and me and Al have got her this adorable book.


It is beautifully illustrated. We picked it up in this gorgeous little independent bookstore that is worth a gander if you’re in St Ives (you lucky devil).


When I was little, I loved nothing more than getting books as gifts. A family friend gave me Roald Dahl’s Matilda when I was about six or seven and I read it cover to cover several times. It really opened up independent reading to me in a big way. Back in Wigan there was a mobile library which I could have lived in, with all its Babysitter Club books and Sweet Valley Highs and Famous Fives.

What books did you love as a child? If you’re looking for a great children’s bookstore in London, I can highly recommend the lovely specialist children’s bookstore Tales On Moon Lane in Herne Hill, southeast London. AND OMG JUDITH KERR –  AKA THE AUTHOR OF “THE TIGER WHO CAME TO TEA” – IS GOING TO BE THERE ON JULY 4TH!!

Maybe I’ll see you there. I’ll be the ginger 27-year old pushing little ones out of the way.

The Mousehole Mice by Michelle Cartlidge is also on Amazon (and probably the websites of some companies that pay a fair amount of tax too)

Best Kylie song ever? Je Ne Sais Pas Pourquoi…

Ok I have a confession to make. I have a Kylie Minogue addiction which probably doesn’t surprise anyone who knows me (I’m camper than a row of tents).  Kylie video 2

When I was small my Aunty Lisa changed my life forever by getting me the Kylie Minogue videos. Remember these? LOOK AT THAT HAT/FRISBEE THING! kylie video 1

My favourite songs are the oft forgotten ones. Oh Kylie I’ll always remember them. Put Your Hand On Your Heart, Wouldn’t Change a Thing, Never Too Late. But my all time number one involves fake rain, a terrible French accent (“It eeezz ‘alf past sizzzzzz”) and Kylie in a lovely fluffy jumper.

I was daydreaming about my upcoming French mini break and this video, complete with cheese-tastic intro, just popped into my head. I had to share it with you all. Enjoy!