LondonLove: Climbing The Monument

This summer me and Al have decided to do lots of “London things” that we haven’t done – the kind of thing every Italian student on an exchange trip has seen in London but the average resident walks past daily.

Today we did one of those things, and climbed all the way to the top of the Monument. It was so cool but hard bloody work. 311 steps of hard work!

Monument stairs

Monument was built between 1671 and 1677 to commemorate the Great Fire of London fact fans, and to celebrate the rebuilding of the City of London. The pillar with its distinctive copper top (bit like me, har har) is built near where the fire began. Fantastic fact people – the pillar is 61 metres high, which is the exact distance between the pillar and the site in Pudding Lane where the fire began.

Monument st pauls

When you get up top, your hard work is rewarded with brilliant views of the city. St Pauls, Battersea Power Station, Tower Bridge, Houses of Parliament. It’s all here. And guess what – it is only £3 (!!!) to go to the top (and only a bargainous £2 if you are a student!!)

Monument us

As we left the lovely man gave us both a certificate to prove we had climbed to the top of the Monument.

Monument certs

Whether you’re a tourist or a long-time resident, the Monument is so worth a visit. Plus, you’re not to far from one of my favourite streets (and old stomping ground) Fleet Street where a pint at the Tipperary, Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese or the Crown and Sugarloaf is pretty necessary after 311 steps.

Queen of the Night Bus xxxx

LondonLove: The London Cocktail Club, Goodge Street

Last Friday me and the girls hit the London Cocktail Club for very belated birthday mischief and my, did we giggle.

The place is teeny tiny – a little downstairs hideaway off Goodge Street – but the tunes are cheesy and the drinks are dee-lish.

LCC custard cream cocktail

I started things off with this lush rhubarb and custard affair – how cute is the little custard cream?

LCC pornstar martini

The Pornstar Martinis were a popular choice with the gang, and super tasty.

LCC flying saucer

And how cool is this?! Flying saucers, the taste of my childhood, top off this bad boy.

We had such a fun time but be warned – this place gets mega busy so get here early or book a table.