LondonLove: Walking the Regent’s Canal from Little Venice to Camden

A few weeks ago me and Al decided to make the most of a break in the rain and go for a big ole walk but breaking news people – WE WENT TO WEST LONDON. I know right?! Previous to this day out, this was my personal map of London.

Here be Dragons

Even though I have lived here nearly six years, I’m very much an East/South London kind of girl. Of course, I’ve been to the museums and the occasional house party and what not but I find anything past Marble Arch pretty baffling.

However I was super keen to go to Little Venice, a beautiful area in the south of Maida Vale. Wowsa. The streets really are paved with gold! We were not in Kansas anymore, Toto.

Little Venice 2

The houseboats are so pretty – it’s a dream of mine to live on a houseboat thanks to a combination of the TV show Rosie and Jim and growing in canal-riddled Wigan. The moorings are really pretty and well maintained here.

Little Venice 1

We then pottered up the canal side and eventually came across this incredible community of house boats – how beautiful! There were herbs growing along the path way and pretty bunting and decorations (and a few adorable dogs mooching aboard deck). It was like paradise.

Little Venice 3

The sun had come out by this time so we decided to pop off the canal path and head into St Johns Wood for a snack. Al was keen to show me Lords Cricket Ground and then we saw the Abbey Road crossing made famous, of course, by the Beatles’ album cover. We didn’t try to recreate this but a lot of people did  – a few got properly told off by moody drivers too. (How amazing are the houses around here?)

Abbey Road

After a sneaky pint, we got back on the canal on our way to Camden. We considered going alllllll the way back to east London but by this point rain clouds were on the horizon. This part of the walk is especially exciting because you go past the London Zoo – we didn’t see any wild animals, alas – and the canal becomes very peaceful and serene. This probably isn’t an image most people think of when they think of central London.

regents canal

me at canal

We continued our amble – and this is when the house envy monster inside me really came out. The houses are like palaces! This one reminds me so much of the house that Duchess and her kittens live in in The Aristocats.

big house canal

And bravo to the owners of this gorgeous home – a surprise cow on the balcony! Love it.


cow house canal

Eventually we made it to Camden before the rain started to pour and treated ourselves to a well earned burger and cheeky wine at the Hawley Arms.

If you have a spare afternoon and the weather is fine, it’s a beautiful walk and takes in so many great sights. We’ve now got a target of walking the whole 8.6 miles of the Regent’s Canal from Little Venice to the Thames at Limehouse basin (via Islington, Dalston and Mile End) at some point this summer. I’m thinking there will need to be quite a few pint stops on that one.

Queen of the Night Bus xxxx

All photographs courtesy of my Instagram feed @rachaelgormley. London tube map from Transport for London, and destroyed by myself.